Editorial Questions


How long will I wait to hear whether my proposal has been accepted?

Please allow a week or so for your proposal to be evaluated. You will be contacted as soon as a decision has been made.


How long will it take for my book to appear in print?

Exact publication schedules are difficult to forecast with accuracy because of the many variables particular to each project and the number of projects received within a certain period of time. However, from the time you submit your final manuscript, please allow approximately three months to publication for books.


How much does it cost to publish my book?

Some self-publishing platforms advertise that they are “free to publish”. However, this typically means doing everything yourself from checking and uploading files, obtaining ISBNs, handling print issues and sending books to deposit libraries. In addition, author royalties are often lowered to recuperate the platform’s losses.


We don’t work this way. The setup fee to publish with us is $400 USD. We handle the complete process for you from sending your files to print and handling bibliographical registrations to deposit library requirements. Please note, this cost does NOT include editing, formatting the final manuscript, or book cover design.


Can I submit a PDF of a manuscript that has already been typeset?

No. All manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word or RTF (Rich Text Format) files. Your manuscript files will be professionally typeset by a member of our typesetting team.


Can I submit my final manuscript files before my contracting is completed?

Yes, but we will not be able to review or edit your manuscript until all contracting is completed, which includes the receipt of all contributor agreements for your book.


Is my manuscript submission date flexible?

Yes. You can always submit your manuscript prior to your submission date. Your manuscript will then enter our queue and will be edited in the order in which it was received. If you need an extension, please email our team to propose a new date of submission.


Is your publishing contract exclusive?

Yes. We claim the copyright of content.


Who is responsible for copy editing my manuscript?

If you wish for our organization to edit and proofread your manuscript then you may request the service before the final agreement is executed.  We can arrange for a professional copy edit at a standard rate.


What should I do if I find an error or typo in the book after it has been published?

You will have a chance to proofread your manuscript before publication. Please complete this step carefully. If an error is found in the published book, you should contact your editor immediately.


Should I find reviewers or endorsers for my book?

When appropriate to the genre and caliber of the book, we encourage authors to inform us of their candidates to review or endorse the book. If you have already solicited and received endorsements for your book, please send them to us with the endorsers’ names and relevant information (professional title, books authored, etc.).


Do I need to purchase an ISBN?

No. We will provide you with an ISBN.


Who will design the cover?

Alpha Omega Publishing takes responsibility for the development of cover designs for your books. In creating a cover for your book, our designers will consider style, the book’s content, and some input from the author.


How long will the book remain in print?

Our print on demand production method enables us to keep a title active and in print in perpetuity, regardless of the number of copies sold.


How many copies will be printed in the initial print run?

The size of the initial print run depends on the number of copies ordered by the author. This can be as few as five copies or as many as one thousand.


How is the retail price determined?

As the author, you have complete freedom to choose what to sell your book for. There are just a few things to keep in mind. If it is priced too high, you risk discouraging readers from buying it; too low and you reduce the royalties you earn from each sale. Here is an example of our page/price guideline:


100 pages = $16 to $18

150 pages = $21 to $23

200 pages = $25 to $27

250 pages = $30 to $32

300 pages = $35 to $37

350 pages = $41 to $43

400 pages = $46 to $48

450 pages = $52 to $54

500 pages = $57 to $59



Marketing and Ordering Questions



Do I, as an author or contributor, receive a discount on my book?

Yes, authors and contributors receive a 45 percent discount on their paperback/hardcover books, if purchased directly from Alpha Omega Publishing.


When will the book be available to order?

The book will be made active and available to order on the same day it is produced. At that time our team members will mail your presentation copies to you.


Are there special discounts if I order a large quantity of my book?

Larger discounts are available for orders of two hundred fifty copies (250) or more. For a price quote, please contact us by email (info@omegapublishing.org) or by phone (517-879-1286).


Can customers buy books directly from Alpha Omega Publishing?

Yes. They may order by phone (517-879-1286), by email (info@omegapublishing.org), or via www.omegapublishing.org. Books can be purchased at other retail outlets as well, such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc.


Will my book be available for sale in other countries? If so, where?

We print and distribute our new titles in the United Kingdom through one of our sources: Ingram’s distribution partners and Amazon.com. We also distribute in Australia and New Zealand through Ingram Book Group.


What should I do if a local bookstore doesn’t have a copy of my book?

Make an appointment with the bookstore manager or book buyer to discuss the possibility of carrying your book. If the store does not have an existing account with us, we can easily set up an account over the phone when they place their order.


Can you get my book into Barnes & Noble bookstores?

Customers can order most of our titles from BarnesandNoble.com or at an in-store kiosk. Of the one million new books published annually, only 1 percent will find their way to the shelves of a brick-and-mortar bookstore such as Barnes & Noble. However, some stores, including Barnes & Noble, will work with local authors to arrange readings or book signings. We advise you to contact the bookstore’s manager to make arrangements.


Do you take confidentiality seriously?

We take confidentiality very seriously. Information and files will only be shared with our staff and associates, all of whom have individually signed a confidentiality agreement. We are happy to provide our standard Nondisclosure Agreement upon request.





When will I receive royalties?

Sales reports and royalty checks are mailed on a quarterly basis.


Can I find out how many books have been sold to distributors, bookstores, individuals, and through Alpha Omega Publishing’s website?

Royalty statements include only the total number of books (both physical and electronic) sold during the past year. At present, we do not have a convenient and practical means of categorizing royalties by sales channel for annual royalty statements.




Will my book be available as an eBook? If yes, what kind of eBook—Kindle or Nook?

All eligible new publications will be converted to a Kindle eBook (mobi) and ePUB format within weeks of the physical book’s release. Many of our eBooks can be ordered from our website in ePUB format, from Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com, and through Apple’s iBooks Store.


Are there any obstacles that might prevent my book from being converted to an eBook?

We are able to convert books that we have typeset and books for which we have received the native typeset files. Certain foreign language fonts or complex layouts may limit our ability to convert some books to Kindle and other ePUB formats. Books that we have scanned and reprinted for which we do not have editable, typeset files, cannot be converted into eBooks at this time.


Will my book be available on Google Books?

Many of our books are listed on Google Books and can be searched using Google Preview, but they are not yet available for purchase through Google Play.




Will my book be for sale on Amazon.com? How soon after it is published?

Yes. It can take up to a week after the book’s release.


Will my book listing include Amazon’s Look Inside feature?



Are there any additional steps I can take to actively market my book on Amazon.com?

Yes. Be sure to complete an author profile at https://authorcentral.amazon.com.




When will you begin actively marketing my book?

The marketing process begins as soon as your book comes out of production.


When will the marketing department contact me?

Our marketing department will contact you once your book is published. After that initial conversation, we will not contact you again unless we have specific inquiries. However, please feel free to correspond directly with marketing to request additional information on how you can collaborate with us to promote your book.


Besides Amazon’s Author Central, are there other effective ways to actively promote my book on the Web?

Yes. Go to Facebook’s Create a Page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/, then select the category “Entertainment.”


May I sell my own book?

Yes, you may sell your book directly. You may purchase your book at the 45 percent author discount and set your selling price independently of the retail price set by Alpha Omega Publishing Company and our distributors and retailers. Please note our return policy when deciding how many copies you would like to purchase, as author purchases are nonreturnable. Also note that authors do not receive royalties on books purchased at the 45 percent author discount.




Where will my book be advertised?

Online: For select titles, we utilize banner ads on websites and blogs.

Print: We advertise in various publications in order to promote the ongoing work of Alpha Omega Publishing. Our strategy is to promote high-profile titles that in turn cultivate a continued interest in our company’s new publications. You will often find Alpha Omega Publishing advertisements in such publications as

Books & Culture, Interpretation, and Christian Century.


Note: If you wish to finance the placement of an ad in a journal or periodical, we will work with you to design and deliver the ad—at no additional cost to you.


Will you promote my book via Facebook and Twitter?

We promote titles on our company Facebook and Twitter pages. Because we publish a large number of books each year we cannot guarantee coverage. We encourage authors to utilize all social networks available to them to connect with their intended readership.


Should I create a website, blog, or Facebook page to promote my book?

We encourage authors to utilize their personal and professional networks to promote their new book, and the use of social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter, blogs, and websites can be effective in identifying and connecting with your intended readership. If you are interested in setting up a blog, we recommend that you start by visiting three popular blogging platforms: wordpress.com, blogger.com, or tumblr.com. As for creating your own website, a quick search on the Internet reveals a wide range of web hosting services.




If I am invited to speak at a conference or other event, may I take copies of my book to sell? Yes.


Will you arrange a signing or speaking event at a local bookstore?

Bookstore managers love to see active, engaged authors. It is best for the author to contact bookstores directly to set up a signing or event. We’re happy to help provide promotional materials.


There will be a book exhibit at a conference I plan to attend.

We encourage authors to attend conferences and promote their books.



Our Process


What will my quotation entail?

Once our team receives your files we will schedule them for review. If we have everything we need, we will issue an itemized quotation including the job specification, price, and turnaround time. If we still have questions, we will send a discussion email highlighting any points for further clarification.


We respond to every request within one working day and typically much sooner. We won’t start work until you have accepted our quotation; this confirms you are entirely happy and we have completely understood your requirements.


How does payment work?

For our design services we follow standard practice. We split payment 50:50 with the initial 50 percent payable before we start work and the final 50 percent on completion.


All our instant payments are handled by PayPal, the most trusted online payment system in the world. PayPal accepts credit and debit cards payments in many currencies.


For publishers with a high volume of books, we may set up a business account. Completed work is invoiced on a regular basis and a standard 30-day credit period applies. Payment can be made by PayPal or direct bank transfer.


What if I am not happy?

We do everything we can to try and ensure this does not happen.

Design work is subjective so just tell us if there are things you want changed; this is all part of the process to create a book you’re really delighted with.


To work on your project, we need to touch and style all text and images. While we are always extremely careful and independently quality-check files before returning them, no company can guarantee their work is entirely error-free. If you do spot any mistakes, tell us and we will absolutely fix them.



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