Submission of Book Manuscripts


Book manuscript must be submitted to our team and shall be in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. When submitting the final manuscripts, it must be in digital format. We prefer Microsoft Word documents and should be e-mailed to:
  2. After manuscripts are received, an acknowledgement letter via e-mail will be sent to the author.
  3. Complete book proposal and manuscript will be evaluated and our team will determine if manuscript is approved for publication.
  4. Author(s) of approved manuscript will be offered a publishing contract from Alpha Omega Publishing.
  5. Upon acceptance of the contract by the author(s), the manuscript will be edited by our team and prepared for the publication process.

Quotations and Notes

  1. All quotations should be documented if at all possible.
  2. Sources for all quotations should be identified by author or editor, title, publisher, place and date of publication, and original page number(s).
  3. Identify any quoted poetry or hymn lines by author, title, and the published sources.
  4. Scripture quotations should be quoted exactly, including exact punctuation and identify version of the Bible used. Sample scriptural reference: “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).
  5. Diagrams, charts, figures, drawings, and maps should be documented as to the source.


  1. The author is responsible for requesting permission to quote from copyright holders and shall be responsible for any associated fee.
  2. Replies granting permissions, or copies of such, should accompany the manuscript or be forwarded upon receipt.
  3. Permission be secured for the following:

a. Quotation(s) of more than three hundred consecutive words from any work in copyright.
           b. Quotation(s) totaling more than 7 percent of any work in copyright.
           c. Quotation(s) from any one source representing more than 7 percent of the new publication.
           d. Any diagrams, charts, figures, drawings, or maps taken from a copyrighted source.



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