Our Team

Our Team


Located in Jackson, Michigan, Alpha Omega Publishing Company has developed a publishing model that is truly cutting-edge. With a staff comprised of ministers, retired authors, book designers, and global marketers, Alpha Omega Publishing Company has consolidated every aspect of the publication process into one organization.



Elder Eric A. Beda, MBA
President and Editor-in Chief

Elder Beda is President and Founder of Alpha Omega Publishing Company. He currently oversees the organization’s business, editorial, and marketing strategy. He is an ordained minister and serves as an Associate Pastor of his local church. As Associate Pastor, he provides leadership in the following ministries: Altar Workers, G. T. Haywood & M. E. Golder Bookstore, Campus Ministry, Christian Education/Theological Training, Evangelism Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Young People Ministry, and Prayer Ministry. Currently, he serves as Dean of the G.T. Haywood & M.E. Golder Theological Seminary and serves as an Academic Committee member of the Aenon Bible College Board of Directors.




Keiara Gladney

Keiara is an avid writer and serves as an editor at Alpha Omega Publishing. She has over 15 years of experience in ministry. She is completing her master’s degree. She has a degree in public relations and her cross functionally influences our marketing and social media efforts.




Shaqela Chapman
Social Media Specialist

Shaqela serves as Social Media Content Manager for Alpha Omega Publishing. She brings plenty of experience to our team.




Rocío Roxita
Director of Translation

Rocío serves as the Spanish translator for all of our manuscripts. She is originally from Madrid, Spain and speaks English as her second language.




Julia Black
Director, Editing and Formatting

Julia is a professional writer with many years of experience in writing, editing, and publishing. She serves as our content editor and converts all of our manuscripts for hardcover and eBook formatting.




Armend Kaur
Director, Design and Marketing

Armend has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Albania. He is a passionate professional with more than 6 years of graphic design experience.

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