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Andrew David Urshan and the Russian Pentecostal Church


This is the history of Andrew David Urshan from his childhood in Iran to his coming to the USA and his religious pilgrimage from high church to the Pentecostal movement. You will travel with him on trains and ships. You will see him return to Iran to be present at the Assyrian massacre, as Islam tries to commit genocide on the Armenian and Assyrian especially Christians.

You will see his deliverance and his return to America as he travels through Russia and pioneers the Pentecostal movement in Russia. While in the north close to St. Petersburg he will begin to preach the message of Oneness and baptism in Jesus name. He founds the Apostolic movement in Russia which will dominate until several years later the Assembly of God will begin to bring churches together.

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Andrew David Urshan and the Russian Pentecostal Church: Apostolic Church in Russia


(Paperback – September 15, 2015)

by Stanley E. Wachtstetter (Author)

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